Monday, June 29, 2009

The Challenge of Measuring Online Advertising

Much of traditional, media-based advertising is driven by the impression. Think of the TV ad, the billboard or the print ad. The name of the game is identify your audience, buy some space and deliver your message through engaging creative. We all know that measurement ends up being illusive at best and plain impossible at worst.

Online advertising promises to be different. And it is. But are we discounting the power of building your brand in the right place at the right time with the right creative?

We strongly believe that online advertising is still advertising. Impressions count. Branding counts. Thought leadership counts. Audience engagement counts. The below article from does a nice job of arguing for going beyond the click-through in measuring online advertising and provides some interesting data points:

Engagement metrics evolve beyond CTR along with Web display ad technologies

Let's not be too hasty in discounting the power of the right impression.


claquer said...
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John Laura said...

Whether they know it or not, this is most companies are today, I do go ahead and say 80% of your prospects just 20% of your marketing, but 20 %? Leverhulme not the advantage of the Internet Back in the 20s, but now you have big benefits.

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